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Private Christian School for grades K4-12
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Dress Code

Dress Code

Christian Fellowship School acknowledges its responsibility to do its part in fulfilling the Biblical injunction to “train up a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6).  From that Biblical requirement, and from experience, it is obvious that a child needs training and direction as they are nurtured into adulthood.  

A part of this training necessarily involves guidance in proper dress and attire and the student’s presenting himself or herself in such a way as to reflect Christ. 

A dress code is warranted to help train students in that area of their lives.  Additionally, a dress code is helpful because a good appearance reflects positively upon students’ grades within a school. 

Benefits of a Standardized Dress Code

  • Creates a positive disciplined environment in the school
  • Frees staff to concentrate on instruction rather than on dress code enforcement
  • Assists students in concentrating on academics rather than on clothing  
  • Eliminates offensive fashions
  • Reduces peer pressure
  • Reduces financial pressures incurred in buying clothing
  • Creates a positive image in the community

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